Friday, May 24, 2013

Dissent Among the Puritans

The year is 1637. Ann Vassall, wife of William Vassall of Essex, England, one of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Company, welcomes you to your new home in the Bay. You are one of the roughly 20,000 English immigrants to come to the New World between 1620 and 1640, a period now called The Great Migration. Her words of advice and narration of events going on in town might make you wish you had stayed in England or looked toward New Hampshire or Connecticut as a place of settlement.

Living historian Linda Palmer, in Dissent Among the Puritans, takes you back to the first decade of the Puritan colony to show what new settlers could expect. All was not rosy in the New World, as you will see. Those who came for "religious tolerance" openly opposed any religious opinions that deviated from the Puritan viewpoint. Palmer follows up her portrayal of Ann Vassall with a colorful slide presentations which shatters some of our commonly-held stereotypes about the Puritans and chronicles the dissent of her husband, who was despised by minister and magistrate alike for his liberal ideas about civil liberty and religion.  This program is suitable for adults and teens.
This event is presented with a Humanities-to-Go grant from the NH Humanities Council, which connects ideas and communities. Registration is strongly recommended by visiting our online calendar, emailing, or calling 424-5021.

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