Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Piano in Every Room (Almost)

Rosamond van der Linde
The Merrimack Library will host Rosamond van der Linde on Wednesday, June 12, at 7 pm. She will talk about her delightful memoir, A Piano in Every Room. Copies will be for sale for cash or personal check.

In 1969, after searching fruitlessly for a summer piano camp for their five children, Ms. van der Linde and her late husband, Rein, founded their own camp, Summer Sonatina, in their 12-room house in Bennington,VT. Rein was an accomplished pianist and faculty member at Bennington College, and Rosamond was a gifted teacher. The camp quickly became a sought-after experience. As it grew, so did their piano collection. Pianos occupied every spare corner of the house and garage.

As the school expanded  a larger space was needed, so the van der Lindes moved their family of seven into a large mansion in 1978, eventually filling it with 35 pianos, the Sonatina camp, and Sonata, a camp for adult pianists. And then they....

But, wait, I won't write another word. Come hear for yourself. There are so many remarkable stories of the van der Lindes, and the family matriarch tells them far better than I can. Adults and teens will be delighted and astonished at the accomplishments of this family of pianists and the far-reaching legacy of their school.

Registration is recommended by visiting our online calendar, emailing, or calling 424-5021. (Please note that this is a lecture, not a musical performance.)

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