Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From Merrimack to China with the C of C

For the past 2 years, the Merrimack Chamber of Commerce has been sponsoring trips to China. Each year, 100 travelers have made the trip, which included opportunities for business networking as well as sightseeing. They have brought back incredible memories and images of their adventures. On Tuesday, June 12, at 7 pm, Richard Tucker, Nancy Lee Harding and Chamber Executive Director Deb Courtemanche will share their stories and pictures at the library.  Courtemanche says, “We never could have anticipated the lasting and positive impact the trip would have on each of us.  The total experience, the sights, the history, and the people continue to linger as valuable and positive memories.  In addition, the 100 travelers, I believe, certainly made lifelong friends while on our shared adventure.” 

In addition to sharing memories from prior trips, the speakers will also talk about this year's plans for a 3rd trip. Participants do not have to be Chamber members, so even YOU could go. You can find out more on June 12. This event will appeal to adults and teens. Registration is not required, but welcomed.

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