Thursday, June 28, 2012


Our patrons have been making good use of the online databases lately. Recent reference questions have included French language lessons, GRE classes, finding similar authors, and genealogy. Many of the answers can be found using the databases.

Mango Languages has a long list of languages that you can learn at your own pace, including Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese. After registering, you can return to the lessons when you have time. On the Learning Express Library database, you also register and return to remedial courses and timed tests geared from elementary age children to college testing. There are also tests to prepare those entering a specific field such as firefighter, law enforcement, military, etc.

A patron was looking for historical fiction and had an author in mind, so we were happy to find several like-authors (some of them were actually pseudonyms) in the Novelist database. She was delighted to find her favorite author had written under several different names.

For our genealogy buffs, the Ancestry database uses many sources for tracing your ancestors. The American Ancestors database uses New England and American historical and genealogical records. These two databases can be used only on a library computer. Just give your name at the reference desk. There is also a database called Heritage Quest Online which includes the US Census, and this can be accessed remotely from your home computer.

There is something for everyone on the Databases at

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