Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to the Online Newsstand!!

We are delighted to introduce a new service that we've recently added to our website: The Online Newsstand. This service was created by a talented NH librarian using content we already receive via EBSCOHost, our online reference tool for periodical articles. The Newsstand contains current issues of more than 80 popular magazines, and you can read them at home, at work, or even on your mobile device.

Here's how it works: Go to the Merrimack Library's Online Newsstand by clicking here. Find the magazine you want to read and click on the cover image to see a list of the available issues. (The number of issues you see depends on how long the magazine has been one of the newsstand's selections.) Select the article you want to read or choose Complete Issue to see all the major articles for that issue. When prompted, enter your 14-digit Merrimack Library card number to display the article.

Many articles are available in .pdf as well as .html, so you will be able to see photos with the text. Some articles have an audio file, and the program will read the article to you at your choice of speed.  Each time you select a new article, you will be prompted for your card number, so you might find it convenient to copy and paste your number, or select Complete Issue if you want to move from article to article without re-logging in.

The Merrimack Library is paying nothing for this service. Zero. Nada. The only "cost" is that we will enter the data for one magazine when new issues are available and paste a little program code into our website now and then. We hope you will enjoy this great free service, and we welcome your feedback. The Online Newsstand--just another way we help you Open Your World.

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