Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Importance of Libraries

While I see the town government as the “brains” of a town, I imagine the library as the “heart.” Many non-profit organizations in town use the meeting room at the library as a gathering place. We are also a collection or drop-off point, such as Winter Warmth coat drive for the Girl Scouts, eyeglasses and hearing aides for the Lion’s club, Cans for Kids for the Exchange Club, Project Santa for the Lioness Club, and others.

My first social encounters in town were at the library with my preschoolers. Seeing a friendly smile (from none other than the dedicated Louise Klumpp), was important to this young mother, new to town. I can still remember the first book I checked out over 25 years ago.

Today I welcomed another young mother with two small daughters to the library. After answering her question about the videos, I directed her to the children’s room. I encouraged her to ask for help at the reference desk, should she need it, and showed her the location of the elevator. I hope that she and her family enjoy the many benefits the library provides over the coming years.

Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of
an ignorant nation.
-Walter Cronkite

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