Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NH Downloadable Books Training Coming Up January 4

The ever-evolving world of eBooks and eReaders, combined with Christmas, is prompting us to offer another session of training. On January 4 at 7 pm, Nancy Vigezzi and I will host a 90-minute program on how to use your eReader with NH Downloadable Books (NHDB), a free service of 170 NH public libraries and the NH State Library. At this writing, there are just 2 seats open, but we're taking a waiting list and will offer another session in February if needed. You can register here.

When we offered our first session almost a year ago, there were far fewer ePub readers on the market, and the Amazon Kindle was not even compatible with NHDB. So much has changed, and that makes training more complicated. However, the two eBook formats--Kindle and ePub--work in distinct ways, and that's what we'll be showing you. From a practical standpoint, we can't demonstrate all eReaders, so if you're planning to attend training, you will need to understand how your individual reader operates. We'll explain how NHDB works, show you how to set up an account, download any necessary software, and select, checkout, download and transfer titles to your eReader.

On another note, there is a lot of chatter on the web these days about how the price of eBooks is rising, even as the price of eReaders is dropping. Some eBooks now cost almost as much as a discounted hardcover. This isn't good news for people who'd hoped that eBooks would allow them to own more books for less money. The big players--Amazon and Barnes & Noble--are working the system to their advantage by selling both readers and content. After all, they're in the business of profit, and they know how consumers think and spend. Not meant to discourage you from getting an eReader, just a heads up.

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