Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Clubs

The Book Group that I attend had its meeting today, discussing Ernest Hemingway's somewhat biographical book, A Moveable Feast. It was an interesting discussion (not a favorite from our reading list, with a number of us not even finishing the book) but an excellent get-together. Holiday treats comprised OUR feast!

The question at the library is often, what to read next. Book Groups can get extra copies through our system, so new and best seller titles are not recommended, as they are too hard to get. What's a perfect choice is a book from the New Hampshire READS-to-Go kits. A bag of books is shipped to our library for your group for a month.

Great suggestions are found at this website, with discussion questions included in the links. Even if you're looking for personal reading choices, this is a good place to start. http://reads-to-go.blogspot.com

You know you need a good book while you're munching on those holiday cookies!

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