Friday, November 18, 2011

What is MerrimackPatch and what can I do with it?

MerrimackPatch ( is the newest source for local news and community announcements. You can post events and photos as a citizen journalist. MerrimackPatch is also looking for bloggers. Currently, you can read career tips from Tim McMahon, follow the adventures of Wendy Thomas' flocks (chicken and human), let Kareen Hannan teach you how to help your child with autism, and get food reviews from Michelle Collins. Check out the blogs under Local Voices.

MerrimackPatch editor Carolyn Dube will be at the library to help you Make the Most of Patch, on Wednesday, November 30, at 7 pm, to tell you how you can use Patch to publicize the things about Merrimack that you're passionate about. From local sports to organizational events to the arts, there's lots to see at MerrimackPatch. Come see how you can be part of this local, hands-on site.

It's helpful for us to have a rough headcount for seats and snacks, so please register here.

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