Monday, August 8, 2011


Instead of going away for a vacation, many people are trying a Stay-cation close to home. Just check the shelf for New Hampshire travel, and you can see the proof! It's nearly empty. There should be an entire shelf of book on New Hampshire sights, trails, parks, restaurants and more. We have only a few selections right now, but New England is ripe for the picking. And we can always place a reserve and get something for you when it's available.

We cover the world with our travel books and videos if you'd care to venture further from home. Or maybe you'd like to be an armchair adventurer and read or view exotic locales.

The other great offering that the Merrimack Library presents is the museum pass program. We have one pass available per day for each venue, and a good selection of more than a dozen museums and local travel destinations to choose from. Check out the list and the rules for each spot on our website under MUSEUM PASSES.

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