Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Hi! I'm Ernie Pyle!"

Gary W. Morrison will be at the library on Tuesday, August 16, at 7 pm with his one-man play "Hi! I'm Ernie Pyle!" Ernie Pyle was the most widely-read of the World War II press correspondents. He reported from both the European and Pacific battlefields. At a time before television, his reports brought the danger, horror, humanity, and even the lighter moments of war into the living rooms of the homefront. Morrison's play takes place early on the afternoon of April 17, 1945, the day before Pyle is killed by a Japanese sniper’s bullet on the Island of Ie Shima.

Gary Morrison is a New Hampshire native currently living in Grand Rapids, MI. It is our great fortune to have him here while he is vacationing in the area, and we hope you won't miss this opportunity to see his play. We are expecting a good turnout for this program, which is our last of the summer, so we strongly recommend that you reserve a seat. You can also call us at 424-5021 or email.

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