Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Club Selections

I'm a member of a book group, and this is the time of year when we make our selections for the next season. So many little time! It's a delicate balance to find something that appeals, that lends itself to more than "I really liked (or disliked) this one," and that is easy for everyone to get their hands on.

E-books make it easier to track down a copy, but the library can help as well by requesting copies from neighboring libraries for the group. Lee is always sending out a call to get book club selections, just ask reference for the details. There are collections called "Books-to-Go" kits to help out also.

Even if you're not in a group, you might enjoy looking over what is popular. There is a display in the library right now highlighting selections. Or check for the top discussion titles for 2010. It's interesting to review some of the questions as well, to get you thinking about what you've read.

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