Friday, March 18, 2011

NHAIS by the Numbers

The New Hampshire State Library has just released its statistics on the use of the NHAIS system for loaning and borrowing items. Each library’s total holdings count is listed for 2010, along with the total numbers of items loaned and borrowed.

During 2010, there were over 122,000 loans filled through NHAIS ILL (interlibrary loan) by the 309 libraries currently participating. Nine libraries filled more than 2000 ILL requests each during 2010. It was not the case that the libraries with the most holdings were also the biggest lenders. Barrington Public Library stood out by loaning 2,127 items while their holdings number only 36,866. Manchester loaned 2,599 from its collection of 132,595. In comparison, Merrimack loaned 2,449 items from our 73,825 collection.

I am proud to say that Merrimack Public Library is one of those 9 most generous libraries. This goodwill by our library goes a long way in assuring that we, too, can borrow from any participating library in the state, and beyond. Please let us know if we can help you acquire a book through the NHAIS system.

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