Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't Bug Me--I'm Reading

October ends on a scary note with Halloween on the horizon, so the library is getting spooky, too. In front of the Reference Desk is a display on the Asian Longhorned Beetle, the destructive insect last seen as far north as Worcester. The most likely way for their migration is a load of firewood, so be advised that moving wood is NOT recommended. The display has lots of information on identifying this pest and how to report a siting. Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Service is on high alert! You can call or e-mail:
Margaret Hagen 641-6060 margaret.hagen@unh.edu
Jon Nute jonathan.nute@unh.edu
Mary Tebo 629-9494 mary.tebo@unh.edu

Besides the identification information materials, the library display also includes books on insects from the scientific side, with Field Guides and history books like Sweetness and Light: The Mysterious History of the Honeybee, or Mosquito. Novels related to insects are a third component of "Don"t Bug Me I'm Reading." Spider Dance, a mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas, Dragonfly in Amber in Audiobook by Diana Gabladon, and The Hornet's Nest by Jimmy Carter all relate to the theme.

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