Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Disaster Stories: A Public Forum

This month's One Book, One Town events focus on the 30's and 40's, specifically disasters of note, such as the Hartford circus fire and the Hurricane of '38. No one wants to experience a disaster firsthand, but such events are fodder for stories to be told again and again. Many of us have experienced natural or man-made disasters of varying intensity. Even the blizzard of '78 and recent local floods and ice storms carried their own perils and spawned their own stories.

We invite you to Disaster Stories: A Public Forum, on Wednesday, October 13 at 7 pm. You can share your disaster survival stories or those that have been passed down in your family: storms, ship or train wrecks, fires, floods, combat, dramatic rescues. You don't even need a story to tell. Come and listen to others' oral history.

Registration is suggested by clicking here and selecting the Register button or calling 424-5021..

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