Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lucky Charm for Job Hunters

In the past week three people who used the library computers to seek a new job reported success! Perhaps the economy is picking up...perhaps persistence paid off. But we like to think we helped out.

We have many resources here to assist with the search, from books and DVD's on job hunting, resume writing, interviews and cover letters, to computer software like MS Word and WinWay Resume, to a directory of helpful websites on the Reference Page of our website:

We are also ready to give guidance in finding the right resources and researching companies to strengthen your communications with them. Our databases, including "Reference USA" and "EbscoHost" are accessible in the library or from home and provide up-to-date information and articles. Staff can give some help in using the library computers and a copy machine and printers are available as well.

Come on by and see if the "Library as Lucky Charm" works for you!

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