Sunday, May 2, 2010

Henry and Horace's Excellent Adventure

Corinne Smith, a librarian and Thoreau scholar, will visit the library on Wednesday, May 12, at 7 pm to talk about "Transcendental Travelogue: Henry David Thoreau's Longest Journey".

We tend to think of Thoreau as spending his whole life near the woods, ponds, and rivers of New England. In fact, to quote from Smith's website, "from May 11 to July 11, 1861, Henry David Thoreau and Horace Mann, Jr., traveled together through 10 U.S. states and one present-day Canadian province. They used both railroads and steamboats to make a 3,000+-mile loop around the Northeast and the Midwest. Thoreau kept a field notebook. Young Horace wrote letters home. Why did they venture west? What did they see? What did they do? We can learn some of the answers by recreating their trip today."

Join us as we follow the path of this little-known journey. You can learn more by visiting Corinne Smith's website at Registration is recommended by clicking here or calling 424-5021.

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