Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring planting?

The Boston Flower Show came back to town this year, with thirty beds created by garden clubs and landscapers. The variety of plant types and the perfect blooms inspire new ideas for we the amateur gardeners.
Our magnolia tree in front of the library is "at peak," and covered with pale pink blossoms.
Forsythia and trees are budding all around town. Bulbs are sprouting, with crocus and daffodils coloring the flower beds. The grass is greening up. We know it's spring!
There are plenty of selections at the library to help you plan out your landscaping and gardens. Try The Gourmet Garden by Virginia Hayes for some unique ideas for your vegetable and herb garden. The American Horitcultural Society Garden Problem Solver will help you out with those pesky difficulties. Dreamscaping by Ruth Rogers Clausen offers landscape designs. For that local touch Northeast SmartGarden Regional Guide provides suggestions geared to local climates.
Read quick...it's time to plant peas already!!

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