Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weeding and Reading

We’re always working on the library collection, reading reviews, listening to our readers, and tuning into TV shows like Oprah for suggestions to purchase. Phase Two of this enterprise is weeding the collection, getting rid of worn and outdated materials, to refresh the shelves and make room for new items. Right now I am working on the 800’s section which is literature. The Library Director and the Head of Reference each take one more look at books before they are discarded, and there are always a few rescues. This round Reading Rooms was saved. The volume is a collection where “America’s foremost writers celebrate our public libraries with stories, essays, poems and memoirs,” compiled by Susan Allen Toth and John Coughlan. We’re shifting it to the Short Story Collections area to give it a second chance for readers to discover it.

Learn what libraries meant in the lives of famous authors like Amy Tan: “Once my father did not take me to the library for a whole month. I missed it like a good friend.” Reflect on Andrew Carnegie’s commitment to libraries, with a total donation of more than $43 million dollars for new library buildings. Enjoy a children’s story such as Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary where they visit the library and find, “A library isn’t like a store where you buy things…You don’t have to pay for the books.” Or have a good laugh with some of the funny stories and poems included.

“Take a Librarian to Lunch” by Pyke Johnson, Jr. concludes:

“But do leave promptly when you’ve shared

Good talk and drink and food.

Librarians must be back when due,

And may not be renewed.”

Stop on by at the Merrimack Public Library. We might not have much of a reading room, but we do have Reading Rooms, and many other good reads!

Jan Conover

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