Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indoor activities for winter

We just finished a busy week of Museum pass check-outs during school vacation. What better way to spend a winter day than at a museum? Well the library is the first choice, of course! But we also can supply entry to several New England musuems, either for free entry or for a discount with Library Museum Passes. Call us, or go on-line via our website to reserve your tickets and get the details.

Here's how popular museums are, according to Carl Nold, the chair of the board of the American Association of Museums, speaking at the meeting of the New England Museum Association

**There are more museums in the United States than there are McDonalds or Starbucks

**Museums contributed $20.7 billion to the economy in 2008 (not including indirect contributions to local tourism)

**Collectively, museums employ about 493,000 people

**Americans volunteer approximately on million hours each week in musuems
(My personal volunteer time at the Currier Museum averages about 3 hours per week)

**U.S. Museums receive more than 850 million visits every year. That is more visitors than all of the major league sporting events and amusement parks combined!

So join the crowd and get the tour at an area museum!!

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