Monday, January 4, 2010

How to have a smaller carbon footprint and save money, too.

This week we're introducing 6 special items to our collection: Kill A Watt Energy Detectors. These small meters measure how much electricity household appliances and electronic devices draw. Simply plug the meter into an outlet and plug your device into it to measure how many killowatts of power you're using. Use the enclosed worksheet to calculate your cost to operate necessities and "toys."

The kits circulate for one week and are not renewable. Each comes with complete instructions and a survey to complete so that feedback on the program can be collected. The goal of the program is to demonstrate how much energy and money you can save by simply turning off unused electric and electronic devices.

The Kill A Watt Energy Detectors have been distributed to libraries as part of NH Saves: Energy Solutions for New Hampshire, a program of Public Service of New Hampshire and New Hampshire Electric Co-op, in partnership with the New Hampshire State Library.

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