Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Do You Geek?

Yes, yes, geek is a noun, right? I know (and love) several geeks, and I'm even a little geeky myself. But how can geek be a verb?

Check out Geek the Library a new non-profit organization that describes it's mission this way:

Geek the Library is a community-based public awareness campaign designed to highlight the vital role of public libraries and raise awareness about the critical funding issues they face.

Geek the Library defines what you "geek" as something you are passionate about. And because libraries have resources that support so many of the things people geek (gardening, travel, music, dogs, movies, art, books...) it follows logically to include libraries in things you geek.

On this site, you are invited to post about the things you geek and how libraries help you geek them. But more than this, the site raises awareness of library funding issues and the role libraries play in helping people through difficult economic times, even as library budgets are falling to the ax. Think you know how libraries receive and manage their operating funds? Check out the Myths and Realities tab. Think that no one uses libraries anymore? Check out the Get the Facts tab.

Finally, this site shows you what you can do to help libraries get the funding they need to provide the services the community needs and wants. The Show Your Support page offers action items you can do yourself: talk to the people who make the funding decisions, tell them the reasons libraries need their support, and show your support in other active ways like joining the Friends of the Library and help organize fundraisers.

You can also find Geek the Library on Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook. I'm a fan. You can be, too.

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