Friday, May 15, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Read-alikes

The Stephenie Meyer craze is still going strong here in our library. I find it interesting that the hold lists are longer for the older books in her series than the newest one. I don't know if that has to do with more people just getting into the series, or if people don't like the newest book as much. Anyways I had to buy more copies of the older ones because of the demand for them. The library has had a copy of Twilight since it first came out, and it was checked out frequently. It was never an item that had a long hold list until the uptick in interest that occurred in the last half year. In four years I haven't had to go and by extra copies of something we have had on the shelf for 3+ years except for Twilight. Harry Potter always had plenty of copies ordered for it, because we knew it would be big. Harry always had a waiting list too, but we always had many copies available.

If you are one of the people waiting patiently on the hold list for a Stephenie Meyer book I might have something for you. Here are some links to lists that you might find interesting. Maybe you might find a whole new series to enjoy. Some of the lists may be similar.

Here's Novelist
and various others

I could keep going...

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