Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More On the Teen Collection

The new shelves are up and I decided to use them for teen fiction instead of the graphic novels. I think Dan did a good job on the new shelves. I am still shifting everything to even out the collection, and make use of the new space the teen collection gained. The collection is getting a little bit of a make over as well. The purplish "YP/Young People" labels are being replaced by green "Teen" stickers. The collection is also undergoing a few changes in the catalog as well. Instead of being YA Fiction they will be listed in the catalog now as Teen Fiction. Books in the Teen Fiction Collection will now have "Teen" as part of their call number rather than lonely Ts or Ys. I think this makes it clearer for the patron. When they see the book in the catalog now it will pretty much tell them that the book is Teen Fiction, in the Teen Area. Yay! I get to make new signs too!


Bookmobiler said...

Instead of being YA Fiction they will be listed in the catalog now as Teen Fiction

For us older patrons that like to read this stuff that's going to be embarrassing.

Before we could truthfully say that the books were intended for adults too. Now the book is going to say TEENS?

Besides isn't young adult more the way teens see themselves?

Alex said...


Don't be embarrassed by the teen label. Teen/YA literature is gaining more and more credibility and is being recognized for its literary value more and more.

As for the Teen labels here in our library, I think that they will make the fiction that is intended for teens and people that like to read teen fiction easier to find in our library and its catalog.