Friday, February 13, 2009

The Name of this Post Is Secret

I had a classic reference moment this week (at least I thought it was). A young lady was brought over to me from the circulation desk because she was looking for a book called A Secret or at least that is what the circulation person and I thought at first.

I asked the young patron what the title of the book was and she said to me, "The Name of This Book Is Secret." So I searched for A Secret, and The Secret in the title field. A bunch of hits came up none of them were what the young lady was looking for. She wasn't quite sure what the author's name was, but she had seen the book at school and his name was long. I then checked the school's catalog for A Secret. A bunch of titles came up again and none of them were what the patron was looking for. She then says to me why don't you try to search by the title and I asked her once again what the title was thinking that she was mistaken or it was a subtitle or part of a series. She tells me again "The Name of This Book Is Secret." I thought that was what I had been typing, A Secret, or The Secret so I asked her one more time what the title was, and she showed me what she had written down in her notes.

title: The Name of This Book Is Secret
by: Pseudonymous Bosch

I probably just reinforced her belief that adults can be pretty dense. It made perfect sense to her, she was probably wondering why I thought it was a revelation when I finally got with the program. I guess the book's name really is a secret to some people. Please don't ask me who's on first.


Ellen Knowlton said...

I'm often asked for "How to Kill a Mockingbird."

ThatTallGuy said...

And let's not forget "What is the Name of This Book?" and "This Book Needs No Title" -- both excellent puzzle books by Raymond Smullyan.