Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eating for Energy

Do you find yourself fading away at mid-afternoon? Are you ready for a nap after lunch, but you know your boss will disapprove? Do you compensate by loading up on coffee and a sweet snack, only to find yourself crashing to a new low an hour later? Then you'll want to attend "Eating for Energy" with Laura Hesse Moran and Allison Anneser, on Thursday, March 12, at 7 pm.

Laura and Allison will teach you how to eat for a natural high that lasts throughout your entire day without sugar and caffeine. You’ll learn how to stop the 2-4 pm tired feeling and “amp-up” naturally, discover the root cause of your cravings, and make choices that energize you instead of drain you.

Laura is a Health Counselor who coaches groups and teaches healthy cooking classes. Allison is also a Health Counselor who focuses on individuals. Copies of her book, Refined to Real Food, will be available for sale, cash or personal check only. Seating is limited and registration is strongly recommended by calling 424-5021 or emailing.

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