Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Everyone Should Know

In December, a publishing company call Smart Poodle Publishing announced the results of a writing contest they sponsored called “What I Wish Everyone Knew About Librarians.” There were 44 entries from 23 states, from a variety of libraries including public, private, corporate, law, school and even a prison library. The winning essays were a delight to read, dispelling many of the old stereotypes about librarians, while describing details of their job that many would find interesting.

Go to to read the winning essays.

I started thinking that we should sponsor our own contest called “What I Wish Everyone Knew About the Merrimack Public Library.” Regular patrons of the library could write about their favorite aspects of the library. And our newcomers are happy to learn about all the programs, museum passes, and different media we are able to offer here at the library.

What do you think everyone should know about the Merrimack Public Library?

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