Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts About the Mid-Winter Book Sale

The book sale has come and passed. The library made around $3,000 dollars for the development fund. Most of the books sold on Saturday and Sunday were donated to us, a small number of the books sold were deselected from our collection during the collection maintenance process.

Some things I already knew, but were reaffirmed this past weekend:
-The book sale is full of great buys, especially Sunday when you can fill up a bag for a dollar.
-Book dealers mean business, but have to wait in line just like everyone else.
-People will line up before business hours in the cold for any kind of sale.
-The book sale patrons were very polite and happy.
-The trustees as always were very helpful.
-Janet, the library director is very dedicated. I think she slept at the library this weekend.

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Ellen Knowlton said...

I think Janet sleeps in the library every night!