Saturday, December 6, 2008

Please Take Our Survey!

The new Library Building Study Committee is hard at work examining library space needs. Since more than a decade has passed since the library first began the quest for more room, the committee is really starting all over again by examining what we currently have for services and space, while investigating a variety of options for improving the situation at reasonable cost.

An important component of this process is your voice. The whole point of future library planning is to respond to what the community desires the library to be, not what the library trustees or staff want, so we want you to tell us what the library does that's valuable to you and what we might do in a larger building that would be valuable to you. There is a very brief survey currently available in the library and also online at
You don't need to be a library user to respond, but your input is very important. Please take a couple of minutes to share your opinion.


Bookmobiler said...

We are sorry to say that the survey link is invalid, please contact the survey creator.

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Ellen Knowlton said...

If you had trouble with the link, please try again. I have fixed the problem.