Thursday, October 9, 2008

Soap Making for Teens - One Book One Town

I have never been able to do crafts very well so whenever I attempt a new craft here at the library I always wonder if I will be able to manage it. Luckily I have done soap making here before, so while I am not adept at it, I am at least able to muddle my way through it. I like to think of this program as a modern take on the way the characters in The Little House on the Prairie would have made soap. I have glycerin, scents, and a microwave for the teens to use, while the Little House characters would have had animal fat, lye, and a fireplace. I am not sure they wore protective eye gear when they were dealing with lye either. Lye is pretty nasty stuff and I am glad that I don't have to deal with it for my soap making craft. Here's to the good old days, where men were men and soap wasn't OSHA compliant.

My soap making program for teens will be held at 2:45 PM on Wednesday October 15th. Registration is not required. I will have refreshments.

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