Friday, September 26, 2008

So Many Books, So Little Time

I became a librarian because I practically lived in the library as a child. When I was 7 years old, my family bought a new house within walking distance of the library, and, for someone who loved the library and all those wonderful books, that was heaven on earth. Even though I briefly toyed with the idea of teaching music, I really was born to be a librarian.

I still love books, but I'm often tortured by them. My job involves reading reviews, selecting new non-fiction titles for the library, and frequently talking with our patrons about books while recommending things they'd like to read. Such agony! All those books! So little time! I'm reading as fast as I can, often 2 or 3 books at once, but my reading wish list has gone to a third page, and it's growing faster than I can read.

Book lovers are invited to check out Reader Resources. This page features links to great sites readers will love, such as Good Reads and Shelfari, two social networking sites for readers. Book groups and people who would like to start one, can find some great ideas on our Book Group Services page. I get a lot of reading ideas from Bethanne Patrick, a blogger at Publisher's Weekly. Bethanne has a personal blog The Reading Writer. It's Bethanne's fault that my reading list is getting out of control!

Our new Polaris system allows you to keep a record of what you've read as well as other lists you create yourself. This is an "opt-in" feature. To activate it, click on the Patron Account tab and log in using your card number and PIN/password. When your account appears, click on Reading History, then scroll down to Change Preferences. There is a box to check to maintain the reading list. Now you can create one or more personal lists. When you are logged in and searching the catalog, you can click Add to List, and the system will add the title to your list of choice. It's easy to remember all the titles you want to read.

The hard part is finding the time to read them.

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