Friday, August 15, 2008

Upon Reflection

I said I would post some of my final thoughts on my experiences at NELLS two weeks ago. I have finally gotten around to it. I think my time there was very good for me and the library. I learned a lot of new things, and had some questions that I had been thinking about answered. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed by all of the new ideas bouncing around in my head, and was wondering how I was going to manage to put all of these new ideas into practice. After thinking about it, I realized these ideas were more of a foundation for me to build upon brick by brick. Coming from this point of view made me feel more confident, seeing that I didn't have to change the world overnight and my experiences in NELLS are part of a learning process that supplements my daily learning process here at the library. Everyday offers us a chance to learn something new if you wake up in the morning with an open mind and a willingness to take chances.

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