Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A View From North Andover pt.1

Day One

This week I am attending the New England Library Leadership Symposium or NELLS for short. I got here way to early on Monday morning, my Internet had been down at home all weekend and I was hoping to double check the arrival time before I left, but that didn't happen. I couldn't remember if we were supposed to arrive at 10AM or 11AM (I did check it earlier in the week) so I shot for 10AM. Anyways, I was really early. I helped set up so at least the time was constructively used.

Once everyone had arrived from all six New England states (some of the people from Maine had been driving for 5 hours, Maine is a really deceptively big state in my opinion)we had lunch and then began the afternoon session. It was basically an introduction to the symposium and the other participants. Everyone has great depth of knowledge and a lot of experiences to draw upon. There is a good mix of directors, supervisors, and people like me who don't have anybody to directly supervise, so a good range of opinions can be brought to the table during the discussions.

I went kayaking for half an hour before dinner. Unfortunately the lake that Rolling Ridge is on, is the town's drinking water supply, so you can't swim in it. It's odd to me that they let you kayak in it though. I guess it makes more sense than kayaking in the pool.

Dinner was great I ate way too much. After the dinner we had some more ice breaking activities. After this I pretty much called it a night.

Day 2

I got up and went to breakfast. It was good (from this point on you can assume that I thought the food was good, I am a food lover). We dove right into the subject matter after breakfast. I have to admit that it kind of feels like I am back at school, especially with the way the building is laid out. It almost feels like a boarding school. Getting back into the classroom mentality wasn't too hard, we had very interesting discussions on leaders' roles and responsibilities, practices for effective leadership, and improving effectiveness for leadership in the morning session. The most interesting part of the day for me was the second half of the day after lunch (yes I enjoyed it! sorry just had to) when we discussed ethics and leadership and interpersonal communication. These topics to me were the real nitty gritty where a lot of discussion was generated.

That's about it for now, I think that was everything in a nutshell up to this point, dinner is coming soon, and tonight we will be having s'mores and campfire nachos. Yes it is all about the food. Everything is going well, stay tuned for further updates on the next three days.

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