Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today in Literature

Do you know what happened today in literature? You can answer this question every day by reading Today in Literature, located on the lower left corner of the library's homepage. The library subscribes to this syndicated service, which is written by Steve King (not to be confused with horror novelist Stephen King.) Every day, he posts an intriguing vignette about a writer with a connection to the day's date. These little stories are completely fascinating. The story begins in a box on our site, and clicking on a link takes you to the TIL page where you can finish the story. It takes just a couple of minutes to read. You can also read a few recent stories if you've missed a day. The site even sells note cards, day planners, and other literature-themed products.

Today in Literature originates from Steve's home in Newfoundland. It began as a weekly radio series and was later featured on other websites, including Salon.com before going independent. The site logs over 25,000 visitors a day. We are pleased to make TIL available to you and hope you find the stories as interesting as I do.

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