Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Hampshire Blogs and Where to Find Them

I must admit that when this blog began 18 months ago, I didn't really know where it would go and how long it would last. As a librarian, it's important for me to familiarize myself with new technologies and social software, what this profession calls Web 2.0. I don't think all of it applies well to libraries (Second Life??? I can barely manage my First Life!!!), but some things do and blogging is one of them. When I set this up, it was my hope that it would be another PR tool for getting out the message about all the great things we offer the people of Merrimack.

My colleagues Alex, Lee, Deb, and Jan have done a great job entertaining and informing you, and each of them brings their own perspective and style to the blog. I hope you enjoy reading their posts as much as I do.

It was quite a surprise this week to find that our blog is mentioned on New Hampshire Blogs and Blogging, which lists and critiques NH blogs. Deb stumbled upon this, and we have been high-fiving all morning as we celebrate Janice Brown's praise of both our blog and our program schedule, which is promoted through the blog.

I recommend that you visit Janice's blog, too, and see what people in NH are writing about. The blogs are as unique as New Hampshire Yankees, and they are indexed in broad categories. It's fun to browse through them. In poking throught the list, I came across Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet, by Diane Mayr of the Nesmith Library in Windham. Diane is both a librarian and an author of children's books.

For a really good laugh, visit Elvis, Elves, and Chocolate Chip Cannoli, by Kelley Swan, a former co-worker at Leach Library in Londonderry. Kelley is a really funny lady, and I fear that a lot of the stories she tells are the gospel truth! She's an aspiring novelist, so we'll be hearing more from her, I'm sure.

Are you blogging? If so, email me your link and we'll see if we can mention you in a future post.

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