Saturday, July 19, 2008

Internet Uses

What's your favorite activity on the Internet? CNN recently did a survey and listed their top ten Internet activities in the US. #!? Sending E-Mail. Shopping is right up there--both buying and researching products. Where to go (travel) and how to get there (driving directions) and what the weather's like are in the top ten. Responders like to get the news on-line. Then there is searching for information, hobby and interests connections, and surfing the web for fun. The list covers a lot of territory with the final few items.

Visitors to the library often use our computers to check their e-mail--sometimes while they visit from far away places, sometimes when there is a glitch on their home computer, and sometimes just to have up to the minute connections.

What's your fav? Mine is finding the answers to reference questions that aren't readily available in the Merrimack Library Reference Section!

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