Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is She The New J.K. Rowling?

Soon I will be sending in the results for the Flume Award. One thing is clear, even though I didn't get many votes for books; the teens who did vote really favor the books by Stephenie Meyer. Her book Twilight won last year's Flume Award and this year I would consider New Moon to be a strong favorite to win the Flume Award.

Ever since last summer when the last Harry Potter book came out the publishing industry has been looking for the next big thing. Some are already proclaiming Stephenie Meyer's offerings as the next big thing, like the article in this week's Time Magazine. I will echo the sentiment of the article on how these books are very popular now. I think I have had to replace Twilight here in the library twice, because the book circulates so much. Stephenie Meyer's is interesting. She offers an interesting take on teen vampire stories because of her background, and some perspectives that make the story great for teens of all ages.

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