Friday, May 30, 2008

Innovate In '08

I attended many interesting presentations last week at the NHLA Spring Conference. I was particularly interested in the presentations on graphic novels, and the advocacy for video games in libraries. It is interesting to see the inroads that materials like graphic novels have made into libraries in the last 10 years. Graphic novels had been considered a "non-traditional" library item for a long time, and they struggled to find space on the shelves. These days graphic novels have become more ubiquitous, and most of libraries that are collecting them have even made special shelving space for them.

I am wondering if this same phenomenon will happen with video games. Currently they are considered "non-traditional" library items, just like graphic novels were several years ago. One of the big points that Beth Galloway the presenter of the video game advocacy presentation made was this same fact. She seems to think that libraries will slowly begin to accept video games into their collection and that they will become an integral and successful part of a libraries collection, the same way graphic novels have in many libraries today.

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