Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New Currier Museum

Besides my job at the Merrimack Library, I also volunteer at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. For the past 21 months I have had projects there, but no museum to visit. That has all changed since March 30 when the New Currier opened. The museum is expanded to 30,000 square feet, and it is stunning! Old favorites live in new spots, new acquisitions are on display for the first time, and several pieces make a debut after many years and even decades in storage. One of my favorite parts of the collection is the glass paperweights. There is now a gallery devoted to glassware, so the paperweights have a place of honor.
The museum is free on Saturday mornings from 10-12, but you can get a pass at the Merrimack Library for a free visit. Just give a call to reserve your pass.

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