Saturday, March 1, 2008

Get Fresh With the Library

Check out the new feature at our catalog: reader reviews of books in our collection, just like you can see at and The reviews are powered by ChiliFresh (don't ask me what this name has to do with book reviews--that's just its name) which has been added as a catalog feature by the GMILCS consortium, of which the Merrimack Public Library is a member. To write a review, you must register with ChiliFresh, but it's easy to do it when you click on "Write a review." After that, you are free to review any books in the catalog. All reviews are monitored by GMILCS librarians to ensure good manners.

The reviews you read may come from any GMILCS library patron--they will be identified by town, but no names are used. We hope you'll check out this new catalog tool, along with the "Similar Books" feature, powered by LibraryThing, which offers readers suggestions for "read-alikes" just as the bookselling websites do. We want to make it easy for you to decide what to read next, and we hope these two tools will help.

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