Monday, February 4, 2008

Chick Lit

Watching WMUR's Candidate Cafe when each presidential wannabe had a chance to talk about what they were reading, Hillary Clinton mentioned Liz Gilbert's book, Eat, Pray Love, and described it as "Chick Lit." I have just finished reading the book, and I must agree that is a female interest title. Liz escapes to Italy for pleasure and refreshment, eating pasta and gaining 23 pounds in 4 months. Then comes 4 months of meditation and prayer in India, and finally love and balance in Indonesia. But this is a relatively serious nonfiction book. Is it really Chick Lit?

Wikipedia says that "'Chick lit'" is a term used to denote genre fiction written for and marketed to young women, especially single, working women in their twenties and thirties." High fashion (including lots of shoes?) big city life in New York or London, a woman struggling through problems , a personal tone, and humor are all important. Examples are Bridget Jones' Diary, The Devil Wears Prada, the Shopaholic series and Sex and the City. throws down the gauntlet: "I challenge you - read some trade-sized paperback chick lit before making any assumptions." She calls it hip, smart reading for women, and points out it lessons it can teach.

So read a couple, and then let me know, just what IS chick lit?

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