Saturday, January 12, 2008

"We're putting the band back together"**

If you know where that quote is from, chances are that you (like me) grew up with vinyl records and a turntable. And, while we all love the convenience and flexibility of our MP3 players, there is a part of us (admit it) that longs for the days of funky album covers and liner notes. The good new is that you can get your musical fix here at the library. Find DVDs of musical productions and concerts, books on musical genres ranging from Strauss to Sid Vicious and a whole host of music CDs. Or, if putting the band back together is one of your resolutions for 2008, you can brush up on your musical skills with some of our instructional books. Music materials are featured in our small display this month.

**from The Blues Brothers

And more...
I wrote the above blog entry on Saturday and then this morning, stumbled across this article from Time.

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