Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Watching Birds in Winter

Pamela Hunt from the NH Audubon Society will be guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Library on Thursday, January 10, at 7:30 p.m. She will talk about "Winter Birds," how to identify them, care for them and what this year’s Christmas count can tell us about their health, etc. This program is free and open to all. A short business meeting of the Friends will be included.

I find watching birds in winter is much more satisfying than watching them in the summer. Maybe it's because they're easier to see against the snow, or maybe it's because you've just got to admire something so small that doesn't migrate but braves the coldest days of the New England year. Two winters ago, I was watching snow fall from my 3rd floor condo, when a flock of about 30 cedar waxwings settled in the tree just outside my deck, right at eye level. Then, as a single cloud, they flew off together. Such a grand display of life on a wintry day!

Registration is not required for this program, but if you'd like to call 424-5021 or email, it would be great so we'll know how many chairs and snacks we'll need.

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