Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Don't Call It Dumpster Diving

I was trying to remember some of the interesting questions that I have had in the past 5 years. I should be more diligent about writing these down because they are always fun to remember. Names, places and faces have been changed to protect the innocent of course.

One of my memorable moments (even though I don't quite remember the magazine or the subject the patron was looking for) was when I found an obscure article for a Merrimack patron on another library's microfilm. Finding articles on microfilm at other libraries is not a big deal but this library was the only library in the state that had holdings back as far as I needed, and come to find out the microfilm that contained this article was days or even hours away from being discarded. I think it's entirely possible that the reference librarian at that library might have pulled the microfilm out of the dumpster especially for us! That would be filed under "other duties as needed" in the job description I guess.

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