Friday, November 23, 2007

The Up Side of Black Friday

It’s fairly quiet here at the library today. A lot of our usual patrons are out-of-town visiting relatives or at the malls shopping. Some new faces who are off work today are spending a leisurely afternoon browsing the book stacks or on the computer. Several have asked to interlibrary loan materials from another library in the consortium.

It is a good time to catch up on some undone tasks that I have gotten behind on, filing forms in the binders marked Merrimack Youth Association and the Planning & Zoning Board minutes. Files came in handy this morning when I was asked a question and could put my hand right on the answer. I’ve also compiled an email list for a town committee that I didn’t have time to do before today. The bins for the state van are overflowing with books we are returning and lending to other libraries. No delivery today.

Yes, it is a pretty slow day at the library. But given the fact that my husband got up at 5:00 am to chase down a computer that was on sale, I am happy to be here.

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