Friday, November 2, 2007

Part Man, Part Machine

One of my friends sent me a link a couple of months ago to this Penny Arcade web comic and I have been waiting for a chance to talk about it (sorry everyone for it being so old and moldy). I thought it was important to libraries because it gives us a look at how others outside our field perceive us especially since Penny Arcade is a very respected vehicle for opinions among gamers.

Penny Arcade's greatness (strong language warning) can be attributed to the fact that they are oftentimes the lone voice in the wilderness that sticks up for the video game consumer. The strips are funny and they are laden with geek humor full of inside jokes, and in the know wise cracks, but Penny Arcade really shines when it comes to criticizing the video game industry. The Penny Arcade guy's satire cuts right to the bone and they can be very scathing and abrasive towards the video game industry (lately the PS3 and its lack of a killer app are in their sights) and the media outlets (game review magazines) that cover it. They see themselves as defenders of the little guys (video game consumers) against a billion dollar industry that often times doesn't mind taking money for poor products and services.

I was glad to see from their news posting that they do have an understanding of the value gaming to libraries. I feel good as a professional librarian that two influential voices in the video game industry understand what some of us are trying to do in the library world when it comes to gaming in the library.

What I really appreciated the most about this particular strip though, is that they gave me a really cool job title: Libratorr!

Since I am linking to Penny Arcade from the library's blog, I suppose I do need to put a little disclaimer in since their humor is edgy at times and if you aren't up on the trends in video games you may not understand the jokes. So if you are sensitive type, who doesn't like video games you may not want to click beyond the strip I linked to (of course now this means you will).

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