Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Graphic

Graphic novels have really become a big hit in the library world. They are a great way for reluctant readers to get into a story. Of all the formats of graphic novels japanese manga is most definitely the hottest. The attendance numbers I get for the Manga/Anime Club backs this up too.

The teens really enjoy their manga, and they are rabidly devoted to their favorites. I think one of the reasons that they enjoy manga so much is that adults do not understand it. They can talk about manga and to an adult it sounds like they are speaking in a different language. Even the word manga (the japanese word for comic) confuses adults, and they think it's some sort of new italian restaurant in competition with the Olive Garden.

I guess by default I am the in-house expert on manga. I do appreciate manga and have familiarized myself with it, but as far as I am concerned the kids are the experts. They devour the stuff.

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