Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Take Two Web Sites and Call Me in the Morning

That's me on the left. My nice young doctor (you know you're getting old when your doctor says you're the same age as his mother) says it's bronchitis so here I sit in bed, my lungs wheezing like a leaky radiator, while my laptop hums the harmony. When I said I would do some work from home today, our Assistant Director suggested writing about medical information--"seems appropriate," she said--so here goes.

First, a disclaimer: Any medical information available through the library does not replace the advice of your doctor. The same goes for legal information and lawyers, but that's a topic for another day. What you find at the library or through our Web site can supplement what your doctor tells you, and it's also a good jumping off point for that list of questions you want to ask your doctor about your medical conditions. But please don't use the information to diagnose or treat yourself. Leave that to the professionals.

That said, you can click here, or from our home page, click on Reference, then scroll down the page to Other Links to Suggested Web Sites and click on Health and Medicine. There you'll find a list of links carefully selected to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information on medical conditions, treatments, drugs, nutrition, and exercise. You'll also see directories to help you find a healthcare provider, assistance in understanding Medicare Part D, locations of current clinical trials, and an index to consumer health publications. There are categories of sites especially for women, seniors, and parents.

We review and update these recommended links regularly, as we do our print collection. Space and budget set the limits for the print collection, but there's no limit to the online information we can recommend. So even though the doctor doesn't make housecalls, the library does. I like to be an informed healthcare consumer, don't you? Now it's time for another pill...and a nap.

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