Thursday, September 6, 2007

Science Online Debuts

One of the best benefits of our membership in GMILCS is the availability of a package of online information resources that the nine public library members buy economically together as a group. Over the past winter, the reference librarians tried out and evaluated an assortment of possible products, with the goal of recommending a new package to the GMILCS Executive Board. We were looking to provide improved and expanded content at the best possible price. As a member of the committee that made the final recommendations, I feel confident that we made some good choices.

Our newest product is Science Online, from the well-respected publisher, Facts on File, Inc. This easy-to-use database allows you to browse the general catagories of pure and applied sciences, conduct specific searches in your subject area, find diagrams, read science news stories, find biographies of scientists, view video clips, and browse a collection of diagrams.

One of my favorite features is the science experiments file. You can choose from hundreds of experiments and limit your search by grade level (middle or high school) and the time to complete the experiment (less than or more than an hour.) Detailed instructions and materials lists are provided in downloadable .PDF files.

Like most of our online products, Science Online is available from home or office. The first time you access one of our databases remotely, you will be asked to enter your 14-digit Merrimack Library card number. This number will be stored in a cookie for future visits.

We welcome you to use Science Online as well as our other databases. A complete list is available on our website.

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