Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Facebook vs. MySpace

I'm debating which service I want to use for a YA social software page. According to my colleagues in YALS, Facebook is now the "cool" site and MySpace is passé. There are million different reasons on why people think one service is better if you do a search for it on the internet, and there are also a couple of papers written about users' socio-economic status and why certain types of people are drawn to one service or another. I don't really care about any of that. I want to use the one that the teens will most likely be using.

During our discussion at the YALS meeting, one of the librarians was skeptical about social software for teen services, because she said that she saw a lot of authors plugging their latest and greatest book on different libraries' pages. I checked out a couple of libraries that use social software sites myself and found that there was a good mix of teens and YA authors, at least a mix that would be acceptable to me if I am the one that has to run the site. I wouldn't want to exclude the authors because I want teens to be encouraged to read.

Anyways it's hard to keep up with teens and technology. To them e-mail is the way old people talk to each other. I think I will definitely talk about this at the next TAB meeting.

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